Qingdao Huaming Industrial Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Huaming is a scientific research base for the production and manufacturing of rubber dams, rubber dams, inflatable rubber dams, turbulent rubber dams, Shuji rubber dams, gas shield dams, and pneumatic valve plates in China. Our company's technical personnel have been engaged in rubber dam technology research and rubber dam manufacturing for more than 20 years.The company has taken the lead in passing the ISO2001-2008 international standard quality system certification in the same industry. The rubber dams produced by the company have been inspected by the Rubber Miscellaneous Analysis Technical Committee of the National Rubber Standards Committee and the Chemical Industry Rubber Miscellaneous Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all of which meet or exceed the standards of the Rubber Dam Technical Specification (SL554-2011).


Established in 1973


Annual production capacity of 1 million square meters


Distributed in 7 countries worldwide


Production and installation of over 5000 rubber dams